of power and pawns


news of Seret soldiers mobilizing in the northern kingdom has reached Ashglen, fear over possible war is spreading

The Rescue

Princess Melisan is to be put on trial for the murder of the king and kidnappings of her brother to take the thrushes for herself. You snuck back in and busted her out of her locked tower, capturing your old friend the speedy dwarf in Ithe process.

The Offer

You’ve been framed for the murder of the king by a shady Duke and an unusually speedy dwarf. Captured you strike a bargain with the princess to kidnap her brother to keep him from assassins. Her instructions were to go to a mysterious prison where you would meet a man who would know what to do next. Claiming to be a thousand years old trapped in a time cage he convinced the prince to release him, claiming dire consequences would result if he was not in the world to stop them. Upon being freed he offered a quick farewell and dissapeared with nothing but a faint curl of smoke where he had been to mark his being there at all.


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